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Understanding Acquisition Links

OPDS is all about links: that's how we define where a user can browse, search and acquire publications. Every publication available in an OPDS catalog is required to have at least one acquisition link with: a rel attribute, which indicates the type of acquisition that a client can expect a type attribute, which indicates the […]

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Creating a better OPDS Catalog Root

With more and more tablets available, OPDS clients and catalogs need to evolve and provide a better looking presentation of their catalogs that can fill a 7" to 10" screen. The current crop of OPDS clients on smartphones rely entirely on a navigation based on a series of links (Navigation Feeds) and publications  (Acquisition Feeds). […]

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Faceted Search & Browsing

The OPDS 1.1 specification introduces a few key features, but from a user perspective, faceted browsing is the major difference with OPDS 1.0. Facets play a key role in how we navigate on websites with a large set of items to browse, for example: Google Search navigation is now mostly designed using facets All top […]

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