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Announcing OPDS v1.1

The open eBook community, the Internet Archive, and Feedbooks are delighted to announce the latest revision of the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) to version 1.1.  OPDS is a lightweight open standard used to create catalogs that enable the aggregation, distribution, and discovery of books, journals, and other material by any user, from any source, […]

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OPDS Catalogs changelog (1.0 to 1.1)

OPDS 1.1 introduces key new features like faceted search/browsing & indirect acquisition. Here's the full changelog: support for facets (Spec) support for indirect acquisition (Spec #1, Spec #2 & Spec #3) recommendations for advanced search (Spec) new rel value for recommendations (Spec) new media parameter to identify navigation/acquisition feeds (Spec) updated Relax NG Schema (Spec) For a […]

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Understanding Acquisition Links

OPDS is all about links: that's how we define where a user can browse, search and acquire publications. Every publication available in an OPDS catalog is required to have at least one acquisition link with: a rel attribute, which indicates the type of acquisition that a client can expect a type attribute, which indicates the […]

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OPDS 1.1 – Call for Comments

On behalf of the OPDS community, I am thrilled to announce that the draft OPDS 1.1 specification of the BookServer OPDS Catalog is available for review. We are soliciting feedback and comments on this version 1.1 draft. Please submit all critiques or comments to the OPDS mailing list by Monday, 27 June 2011.

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Creating a better OPDS Catalog Root

With more and more tablets available, OPDS clients and catalogs need to evolve and provide a better looking presentation of their catalogs that can fill a 7" to 10" screen. The current crop of OPDS clients on smartphones rely entirely on a navigation based on a series of links (Navigation Feeds) and publications  (Acquisition Feeds). […]

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Faceted Search & Browsing

The OPDS 1.1 specification introduces a few key features, but from a user perspective, faceted browsing is the major difference with OPDS 1.0. Facets play a key role in how we navigate on websites with a large set of items to browse, for example: Google Search navigation is now mostly designed using facets All top […]

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