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OPDS Primer

Hadrien Gardeur, of Feedbooks, has written an excellent introductory primer to OPDS Catalogs v1.0, available in both English and French. On the Feedbooks site.

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BookServer OPDS in Libraries

In July 2010, The Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) released a report [pdf] on recommendations for ebooks in public libraries.  The COSLA report endorsed the exploration of BookServer OPDS Catalogs to enhance the discoverability of ebooks held by libraries.  The report suggests that coordinated aggregation by search engines would facilitate library patrons finding […]

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OPDS Catalogs changelog (0.9 to 1.0)

Overall the changes between OPDS 0.9 and 1.0 are relative minor, and migration of OPDS 0.9 Catalogs to 1.0 should require minimal attention: OPDS Catalogs are now more generic to open the door to other electronic content in the future (audio/video, comics etc.) References to indirect acquisition have been removed.  Discussions will continue outside of […]

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OPDS Catalogs version 1.0 release

The open ebook community and the Internet Archive are pleased to announce the release of the first production version of the Open Publishing Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format for digital content.  OPDS Catalogs are an open standard designed to enable the discovery of digital content from any location, on any device, and for any application. […]

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OPDS v1.0 DRAFT – rfc

On behalf of the OPDS community, I am thrilled to announce that the draft OPDS 1.0 specification of the BookServer OPDS Catalog is available for review. We are soliciting feedback and comments on this version 1.0 draft. Please submit all critiques or comments to the OPDS mailing list, or add an issue to the OPDS […]

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